Dec 6, 2021 • 1HR 46M

ArtWalk Podcast: (Ep #05) Andre Welsh: (Low-Budget Indie Filmmaking)

Andre Welsh is a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, & Screenwriter

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Aaron Massey hosts the ArtWalk podcast. An interview, and solo style show based around topics and artists within the creative community. Also listen to Aaron read his Wordplay writings. Recorded with music for an immersive listening experience.
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ArtWalk Podcast (EP #05) Andre Welsh: Low-budget indie filmmaking is the topic of conversation during this ArtWalk Podcast interview. Andre is a filmmaker all-in-all, including being a director, cinematographer, editor and screenwriter who has overcome minimal budgets and small crews to create some of the indie world's most beautiful images on screen. He is a crafty storyteller that redefines the thriller genre with his comedic beats sprinkled in, in all the right places. His new film Disrupted is a neo-noir thriller that exemplifies all of the previous notations.


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Welcome to the ArtWalk Podcast Episode #05, Andre Welsh, Low-Budget Indie Filmmaking.

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